6. Wait...What?


After looking at my reflection in the mirror for the fourth time, I decide to leave the house. After perusing through my closet and rejecting a few attires, I chose to wear a dark purple gipsy sleeved top with a pair of black jeans and a black woollen shrug. I chose pumps to wear because I am not a big fan of heels.

Do I look good? I asked myself as I glanced at my mirror image. Ugh! What the hell has happened to me? It's not like I'm going to be all sweet and giggly there but I'm going to tell him the truth. I picked up my handbag from the bed and left the room.

As I was leaving my mom asked, "Where are you going?" Of course, she would. I didn't tell her about the whole thing of Sumit asking me to meet him and me agreeing and telling him we'll meet the very next day. Knowing my mom, she would start daydreaming. 

So I replied nonchalantly, "I'm going to meet Sumit". As soon as his name slipped out of my mouth my mother squealed like a teenager. I rolled my eyes. As if I'm going on a I?really?


"That's wonderful. Is he coming to pick you up? You know that day when he and his grandma came to meet us, he had come in a black Mercedes. You know the car that you always drool over. Your husband-to-be owns that", she gushed. I still did not understand why she was obsessed with big expensive cars. 

I scowled at her and she immediately stopped blabbering, glaring in return. I smirked as I left. Well, she didn't see that. She has no idea what I'm upto...her dream of a rich son-in-law will drown in the sea. Did I sound like a she-devil? Oh well...

We had decided to meet at a cafe near my house. No way I'm going with him on a long more trusting any guy no matter how hot he looks.


When I reached the cafe, I almost stopped in my tracks for a second or so I think. Sumit was standing beside his car and the moment he saw me he started walking towards me. My stomach did a funny somersault. 

Okay did I mention how very handsome he looked? Then here goes the description- he was wearing a black pullover, blue jeans and black converses. His hair was a bit dishevelled. He smiled.

His "Hello" snapped me out of my daze. Again. I hope I didn't look like an idiot standing and practically checking him out. I blushed before replying, "Hi" with a smile. Get a grip Aru.

But even if he did think anything he did not express it instead he asked, "Shall we?" I nodded. We walked towards the cafe.

As we entered, several pair of eyes looked at us. As if we were a celebrity couple. Well, they had to look because beside me an eye candy or an extremely handsome hunk was walking. Here I go again...

We took a corner table. It was a quaint little cafe, the place we chose to sit was nice and cosy as well. However, despite the nice surrounding, I felt anxious. I felt my hands sweat. Come on Aru you can do this. I hoped my face did not give away my inner turmoil. 

"Are you okay?" Sumit asked looking a bit concerned. Maybe, my face was not so impassive after all.  "Uh.." I didn't know what to say so I just shook my head and offered a small smile. He smiled and I tried my best to hide my inner agitation. 

We sat there in silence for a few minutes. The waiter came and took our orders. I tried to prepare myself to say the biggest secret of my life. He too looked disconcerted. " is everyone?" He finally chose to break the silence. I gave him a puzzled look  but then cleared my throat, "They are good and how is your um..grandma?" He nodded before saying, "She is fine as well". This time I nodded.

Talk about awkward...

Silence resumed. We both looked at everywhere else but at each other. Okay if you think I'm bad in small-talk then you are 500% correct. But then, even he wasn't any good. So as I was about to finally cut the small-talk and tell him for why I agreed to meet him, he suddenly said, "Uh...I need to tell you something...before you decide to marry me you need to know certain truths about me". He looked at me intently expecting me to say something.

"Even I need-" I trailed off suddenly realizing that he did say something along the same line.

"Wait...What!?" I sputtered. He gave me a flat look.

I frowned. So. Mr.Perfect harboured secrets as well? Interesting. 



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