8. Arrogant Business Tycoon


His eyebrows furrowed when he heard that I too had certain conditions.  My eyes held his gaze for a few moments before I gazed down at my lap, my hands clasped together tightly.

"Spill", was all he said. I let out a shaky breath. My vision started to blur. You can do this. Just get over with this...

"I...I am...a...a ra...rape victim",  I stuttered. I did not look at him, a stray tear slipped down my cheek. It is not easy to say such a bitter truth to a stranger, especially someone who was emotionally stunted. My heart was pounding. I had suffered enough ridicule, enough stigma to last me a lifetime but it still stung when someone looked at me like I was a dirty piece of rag after knowing about my past. 

The silence was all that surrounded us now.

I risked a glance at him. His eyes were distant and hard, his lips formed a thin line, his fists clenched. He was contemplating what to say. I gazed down at my lap yet again knowing that this was my cue to leave.

I stood up.

As I was about to leave I felt fingers wrap around my wrist. I froze. I was still uncomfortable with a man's touch. I flinched instinctively  Sumit might have sensed my discomfort. He let go of my hand.

"Our conversation isn't over yet", he muttered. I kept my eyes trained on the road ahead.

I laughed humourlessly. "Mr.Kapoor I know very well that you're going to reject me. I know it is not easy to accept someone...someone...", my voice wavered, I did not trust my voice anymore, I knew if I speak further I may start crying. I could never accept this misfortune and never will. But I would be damned if I broke down in front of him. I did not want him to know how vulnerable I was feeling at the moment.

"I never said I'll reject you", he mumbled calmly. For a moment I thought that I heard it wrong. But apparently I didn't. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. I was flabbergasted. I turned to look at him. He stood up. "Aruna I will not ask you the reason that led to such an...incident but I will still ask you to consider my offer".

I gulped, my emotions were still haywire. His expression was unreadable. He turned around and strode towards the car. I trudged behind him.

Numerous thoughts were racing through my mind. Did I do the right thing by telling him about my past? Will he take advantage of this? Why did he agree? What was going in his mind right now?

"Will you get in or not?" His voice snapped me out of my train of thoughts. He did not look impatient. I nodded, "Uh..yes." I hurriedly got in.

"Don't think so hard. Take it easy", he said after he got in.

"Easy? Easy? Did you find this conversation so easy? Why is it so damn casual for you? the hell do you appear so indifferent about such a serious matter?" I snapped. This man was pissing me off with his careless demeanour.

"Look, Miss Aruna, I'm a businessman. I look at profit and loss in everything. Even in relationships. I only care about one person-my grandmother. Her health is deteriorating. I want to fulfil her wish...I am stone-hearted. I have been told that, not once but many times. I don't have feelings. Emotions are for losers. I told you all this because my granny liked you so I decided to speak to you before you could give your consent or refusal. Otherwise...", he trailed off and started the engine.  Then he continued, "But it seems we're in the same boat so you have no better option than the one I'm offering you. It will benefit you and me both. Think about it", he spoke in a business-like manner. I kept looking at him not knowing what to say while he trained his eyes on the road.

So this was the real Sumit Kapoor. A heartless man. Who didn't give a shit for anyone's feelings except his grandma's. For whom relations were nothing but business deals.

'Appearances are deceptive'  that's what people say. I was wrong about him. Anger bubbled inside me. I averted my gaze to look outside. There's no way I'm marrying this arrogant, egoistic business tycoon



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