Last year

♥Raymond Rex♥

Being in junior high is the most annoying thing ever! With the girls around you. Sending letters of all kinds. So childish. It feels so stressful because you must deal with them.

I come from a very wealthy family and things get a little bit out of control when my parents get to the extent of sending me an expensive gift even during my lectures.

I have all sorts of people coming towards me. Just to be friends.

Not because they really want to be friends but because of the benefits they will get.

That is one of the reasons why girls stick to me. I am the magnet, or should I say my parent's wealth is? While they are the rode.

I do not really look at that much because I have a girlfriend Stephany. She is beautiful and smart just like I am. She is the leader of her group in school and comes from a similar background.

Her parents know mine for some time now. Since we have been dating.

I do love her, and she does too. But she has been changing lately. She normally is a type of girl who gets every guy attention yet, I do not see her for any of that.

When we met, she was calm and generous. But now she has become bossy and arrogant to anyone. Especially the girls who come towards me.

All the girls in this school are jealous of her. Every time

I talk to her about it, she changes the topic.


I decided to let go of it. This is my last year in junior high. It is left 3weeks to upgrade and left 3weeks for me to turn 17.

These 3weeks I am talking about is my 3weeks to complete school. I do not usually go to school until the end of the academic year. It sucks.

Though it is still left close to 2months for it to be over, it has left me 3 weeks. I need a rest. My school year ends after that.

My parents have been traveling lately. Leaving me with my bodyguards. I am so tired of all these kinds of stuff.

I decided I will tell them to stop doing that and accept the fact that I am grown and can take care of myself. They should not be sending me a gift because I have enough. And I have been dashing some lately.

If there is anything, I will want them to do for me on my birthday, is to let me be normal like every other student. I do not need anything until I ask.

do not want to do any grand celebration this time. Just something simple with some of my guys, Stephany, and her friends

I have a kid sister called Jully. She is my all. And she is just 10 years old. My parents love taking her along every time they go on a business trip.

They say she is too little to be with just me and the guards or house cleaners. They are scared she might catch me doing some dirty stuff at home with my friends.

That is the funniest excuse ever! Due to that, she must change schools most of the time. Which is not good. I decided I will tell them to leave her over with me this coming trip. So, she could concentrate on her studies with ease.

I can take care of her and her needs. The only thing is, I cannot cook so well. I must buy dinner or something...I do not know!

Jully and Stephany have never gotten along. I hope Stephany bares with her for good this time along. I am not ready to deal with anyone yet.

have better things doing. My parents have left some things for me to handle some of their business partners here.

It is kina strange why they will give me such work. I am just a teenager.

And these people will surely expect someone of at least 22years upward with experience as well

I am just gifted to handle such things. I do not know why people seem so surprised about it.

I will be having an online talk with them but, it will not be anything serious than passing out my dad's message and highlighted on certain topics.

It has been days and weeks my parents left, and school will soon be over.

I have been updating my parents about everything going on in the house, school, or our environment as a whole. 

Jully is not so demanding even though she was spoiled by my parents. She is really becoming grown now. I am proud of her. I find no issues picking her up at school or taking her out for dinner with Stephany. 

Even though they have not talked or greeted each other lately. It is for the best, then


Stephany has been preparing a lot of things for my birthday. I do not want to ask

her. About those so much preparation. Because she will pick a fight with me.

I got up this morning, did my workouts, and came downstairs to prepare breakfast for us. When Stephany walked in from behind and hanged me.

"Good morning Ray," She said

"Why did you come home so early? Do you intend to staying back rather than going for preps?" I asked to know that she will spend the day here

Whenever she misses school, she is always at our house. So,

that is what she is about to do.

She was silent and I took her answer as a yes

I turned around and saw her puppy face. Trying to hypnotize me with her cuties

"So, I guess it's a yes," I said, and she nodded waiting for what I will say

"Don't do this babe. Today is a grand day for your team" I said

"I know. I just want to free my mind" she said, and I gave her a soft gaze

"You seem stressed. Why do you keep thinking of that? I'm here for you remember." I said and she slightly smiled

Her team did not win last time. That is why she is so stressed out and traumatized thinking of how this would end.

She does not intend to go since she gave her lead to someone else. 

"We're going to go there and take that medal!" I said

"But--" she said and was stopped by me 

"No but. Get ready now. I'll be done with breakfast soon" I

said, and she nodded.

I gave her a peck on her lips, and she ran upstairs to change.

She has some of her clothes here. Whenever she comes to stay, she brings at least 5cloths. But does not take them back.


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