My heart skipped

♥Amyla Robert♥

Before Jenifer could return, my mom had already returned from her job side. 

She proposed we had dinner outside tonight.

I did not really care. Though I do not love being in public. I doubt my responds would mean anything if she had already decided we picnicked.

She wanted to take me home. So, I could change my current ware, but I denied it strongly.

It does not really matter what I put on or not. Does it?

We have been waiting for Jenifer to return. Since we will be having dinner with them.

Few minutes passed and she walked in with a wide smile on her face.

We all were in the living room then. So, her mum told her to change for the dinner tonight.

She rushed upstairs to her room and I followed from behind.

Entering her room, I asked

"I saw your pics on Instagram with you. New friends. I guess." I said but she did not reply

"I guess it went well then" I said again, and she turned to me

"Yeah. It was. Mind-blowing! You would have loved it trust me" she said 

She turned around going towards the bathroom.

"Their team was the best. I will definitely join that club next term" she said again finally entering the bathroom.

I sat on her bed waiting for her to return. When she came out after 2minutes, I asked

"Did you see my message?" 

"Sorry if I didn't reply to you. But I got other messages at that time. So, I couldn't reply all at once." She said

"You always have other messages. It is but normal. You are popular in our school and now. In your soon to be school. That is not new. You could've just notified me that we'll talk later" I said, and she gave me a disgusted look

"Don't you get it! I could not get to you then. I had more important messages to reply to. Spatially the comments under my post. It is good you know how popular I am. So, you should understand that better!" she said furiously

"I'm sorry. I just-- Never mind" I said

"Yeah better" she said and started putting on her makeup

After a moment of silence,

I asked

"Will you be seeing someone else tonight?" 

"It's none of your business!" She said and I gulped pressing my lips against each other firm

"Well, if you really want to know, I met someone at Harvord (the name of our school to be). He is called Lewis. He is so handsome and plays Soccer. Do you know what that means? Every girl will die to have a boy from the Soccer team!" She said looking at me through her mirror.

"Well. I

do not expect you to know that. You are just a-- I do not know. Those type of things are not for you" she said again and I slightly uneven my brows

"And now I'm good to GO!" She said coming closer to me

I just looked at her with wide eyes. She has spent more than 20minutes. Only to change and put on her makeup.

Wow! What a waste of time. I do not think I will ever put that on. It is not my type.

"Why that look? Do you want to make-up too?" She asked and I hurriedly shook my head like a kid.

I woke up from bed as she opened the door living and I followed her behind like a puppy.

I am surprised right now because she never behaves the way she behaved a moment ago about me interfering in her private life or asking about it.

When that happens, she always ends up not talking to me for a week or more until she is satisfied tormenting me. 

Since she knows how important she is to me. But today was an exception.

I can imagine how happy she was to say such to me.

We joined our mums outside and lined in the car.

Our mums sat Infront discussing all through the journey about silly things.

While Jenifer was on her phone, seriously typing with a broad smile on her face.

She was right at the end. Living a big gap between us. Seemed to me like we were more of enemies than friends.

What type of name is feet to such a relationship? Because I am so confused. 

I just kept glancing at her once a while. To see if she will recognize my presence for once. But she did not even shake to take a better position as she concentrated on her phone.

I gave up looking out through the window as rain started raining. The sound of thunderstorms and lightening strokes felt so good.

Currently, I will love rubbing myself in a blanket and sleeping soundly. But here I am in the cold. I forgot bringing my pullover.

I should have checked on my Accu weather. Shit!

Everyone brought theirs except me. 

We arrived our destination and my mom pulled over in the parking lot. And turned the engine off.

"OMG! I've dreamed of coming here for dinner" Jenifer said and I looked at her astonished

"Yeah girl. How did you get so much money to pay for dinner here?" Jenifer's' mom asked my mom

"Well, I'm not the one who's going to be treating us tonight" My mom responded

"And who is this Mystical person you haven't told me about?" Jenifer's' mom asked

"I bet you know who that is." My mum responded

Who else will be coming for dinner? Dad? Well, that cannot happen.

It must be a special guest. Why didn't she tell me about it then?

Why should I be asking that? Not important to her anyway.

We went out of the car and hurriedly walked into restaurant due to the heavy rain falling.

Walking towards the sit we booked, or should I say the guest booked for us, my eyes feel on this...light grey eyes. 

My heart skipped many paces. This is a very strange feeling. I had to channel my brows in the process. 

Not understanding why I feel the weird. I did not realize he was sitting with an incredibly young beautiful lady.

They are meant to be together. Very handsome and incredibly beautiful. That is amazing.

When my eyes darted back to me, he is eyes were still on MINE!

Omg I feel so embarrassed. Did not notice he was looking at me all these while.

I hurriedly turned my face away. But it was not for long when Jenifer walked towards them with a big smile on her face.

Does she know them too!? I did not stop as I kept walking to our sit while she greeted them happily.

"Who are those Amy? Are they your classmates?" Jenifer's' mom asked me

"I don't know. When she comes you could ask her" I said looking at those beautiful couples

I am sure they are on a date. Looking at the way he smiled at her, his eyes were full of love. All these were playing in my head when, Jenifer came and sat with us.

Turning my attention towards them 

"So... where's our guest? Could we start eating? I can't wait" Jenifer said

"He's on his way" my mom said

HE!? Who is he?


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