Another identity

♥Amyla Robert♥

We arrived home and went straight to my room not waiting for my mom to question me about anything.

"Myla!" She called but I did not respond as I had already locked the door of my room.

I laid in bed and started sobbing bitterly in remembrance of what happened some minutes ago.

I did not want to confront anyone. And almost swore not to forgive my mom for being this blind and heartless towards me.

In my sobs, I finally drifted to sleep with my outing clothes on.

♥Raymond Rex♥

I have been thinking of the possible reasons why that girl will try putting an end to her life.

It has been eating me up for some strange reasons. I was lost the whole time while driving. Stephany must have seen my mood and decided to keep the silence.

Though I know, she will ask what happened and why I was so lost. Like I knew that girl somewhere.

It was so rainy this whole night that, Stephany called her parents telling them she will be sleeping at my place.

When I heard that, I did not
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