Different worlds

♥Myra Sprill♥

Sounds of music coming from my room echoed through out the house.

"Myra turn down the music. It's too loud" My mom said

"Mom..just let me be!" I said not in the mood to play obedient to anyone.

After some minutes of i heard a knock on my door.

" up" my mom said

I hesitate for a moment before opening the door.

After opening up the door, went straight to my bed and laid down.

"Baby, spill it out" she said with a concern

"I don't feel like talking about it." I responded formally

"You didn't go to school today for some unknown reason. I think I've waited enough to know what's troubling you" she said and I looked at her sigh

"When is dad coming back?" I asked

"Alright. Is this about him?" She responded 

"That didn't sound the answer to my question" i said

"Daddys' girl! He won't last long there. He'll be back in 5days" she said

"Five days is

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