Chapter 4477

Marianne said helplessly, “Please take care of yourself first. I heard that you broke up with your new boyfriend again?! You’ve only dated him for a few days this time!”

The girl curled her lips and said, “I don’t even want to mention that scumbag! He only got together with me because he wanted me to help him with the design for his graduation project. He broke up with me right after I helped him finish his graduation project...”

Marianne sighed and said, “Please be wiser when you choose a boyfriend next time.”

The girl glance at Charlie again and said earnestly, “But Marianne, I really think that this man next to you is truly very compatible with you!”

“Stop it!” Marianne hurriedly stretched out her hand to stop the other party and said, “You have already proven to us countless times that you cannot make good decisions at all. So, if you think that he is compatible with me, the odds are that he is not compatible with me at all!”

Having said that, she could not help but roll her e
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