Chapter 4478

Charlie’s light-hearted words made Marianne feel nervous for no reason.

She could not help but question Charlie, “What are you planning to do? Why do you have to do it in less crowded places?”

Charlie looked at her and smiled as he said casually, “Don’t be nervous. What I want to do has nothing to do with you. You can just watch.”

Having said that, he stepped on the accelerator and drove Marianne’s Tesla out.

As soon as the car left the basement, three different cars quickly followed after the car.

Dillion was sitting in one of the cars. He gritted his teeth as he looked at the Tesla being driven by Charlie, and he said coldly to the people around him, “Follow that scum! I have to kill him today!”

The young man driving the car sneered and said, “Don’t worry, Dillion. We will definitely screw this kid up nicely today!”

This man’s arms were all covered with tattoos, and he was also very muscular. At a glance, he was obviously not someone to be provoked.

The corners of Dillion’s
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Nokuthula Mthethwa
Dan Wilder where did you get it for free? Since we hav been paying a lot of money to read this book, I think it's only fair that they give us the last chapters for free.
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Mirely Vasquez
well how do you get sound it???
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Dan Wilder
I haven’t spent a dime on this book. It’s sad that some of you have ...

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