Chapter 4480

Charlie’s casual remark made Marianne feel extremely nervous.

In her opinion, how could Charlie be the opponent of this dozen or more people? These people were obviously people from the Order of the Star at first glance, and they could kill without even blinking an eye. Charlie would probably lose his life if they were to really make a move on him.

When these strong and muscular men saw that Charlie was still putting on airs at this time, all of them had hideous expressions on their faces.

Meanwhile, Dillion had a look of contempt as he said, “Great! You really have f*cking balls! You’re already on the verge of death, but you’re still putting on airs in front of a woman!”

Charlie laughed and said, “We do not know who is on the verge of death yet. These men whom you’ve brought here with you are no better than animals, and they pose no threat to me at all.”

The leader of the strong and muscular men who were on the other side roared, “D*mn it! We are from the Order of the Star! How
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Linda Rogers
Well, I agree with everyone, why can’t they give us book 2 if no more chapters. How do I contact them to let them know I am not happy, and I will not start any other books incase they end the same way.
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Rodney Walker
More chapters
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Linda A. Malcor
Well, at least one punch got thrown. Would it have hurt you to finish the fight?

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