Chapter 4482

Dillion was scared speechless by Charlie for a while, and he did not dare to speak.

He knew that once both the Brown family and the Order of the Star could not suppress Charlie, he would not have any other trump cards to use.

Therefore, he did not dare to continue testing Charlie’s bottom line.

Nevertheless, Charlie absolutely would not let him off so easily. So, he raised his hand, slapped Dillion again, and asked, “Speak! Are you dumb?!”

Dillion’s mouth was so swollen at this point, almost as if there were twenty quail eggs stuffed into his mouth. So, he could only endure the pain and whimpered, “I... I was wrong. Please let me go, Sir. Please let me go...”

Charlie slapped him again and said coldly, “I asked you whether you were the person who said those words just now! I’ll tear your mouth apart if you say one more word of nonsense!”

Dillion cried and howled miserably as he said, “It was me... It was me...”

Charlie nodded, slapped him again, and said coldly, “You’re really a
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Frederick Moore
why would we read any other books knowing what will happen near the end ,dragging it out taking a week to come Hong Kong and still not done just pull out our finger nails would be less painful than this dragging out every little thought of each person's,
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amporn cornell
more chapters please ...
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Brian Mcdaniel
I reported this shit and will continue to do so everyday until the rest of this book is released. We’ve all spent a good bit on this book to get this far in the first place. This is bullshit

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