Chapter 4484

Charlie’s words caused Wester to instantly suffer an emotional breakdown.

As soon as his legs went weak, he fell to the ground with a thud as he cried and begged, “Sir... I’m just a subordinate of the Order of the Star. Please have mercy on me and let me go on the account that I’ve already lost an arm...”

Charlie frowned and said, “I really don’t understand gang members like you. You are usually the most ruthless people, but you guys are also the most cowardly when there’s trouble. Can’t you be a little tougher?”

Wester cried and said, “Sir, I will not be able to continue working in the underground world anymore in the future if you break my leg as well...”

Charlie asked him, “Are you thinking of taking care of your injuries so that you can continue being one of the Double Pride in the Order of the Star?”

Wester hurriedly shook his head and said, “No... I didn’t mean that.”

Charlie sneered and said, “You will still make enough if you make an honest living with an arm and a leg. O
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