Chapter 4485

Marianne continued questioning, “So, you lured them here deliberately so that you could deal with them?”

“That’s right.” Charlie said indifferently, “You should look at a person’s boss before dealing with them, but you also have to choose a suitable place to take action. I could not choose a location where they could flee directly or cause a commotion in the downtown area as soon as I made a move on them.”

Marianne looked at the light-hearted expression on Charlie’s face, and when she thought of what he had just done, she could not help but say, “You’re a devil!”

“Devil?” Charlie frowned and said, “I, the devil, have never thought of violating you, but that guy in the car trunk is not only thinking of violating you himself, but he also wanted his gang of strong and muscular men to violate you as well. So, who do you think is right, and who is at fault?”

Marianne blushed before her face turned pale. After a long while, she said angrily, “Even if that’s the case, you cannot use viole
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Why is there no audio for me to continue listening to this book?
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Let’s get out. Out. Out of the car.

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