Chapter 4487

Marianne blinked and then used her slender and fair hand to gesture in the direction of the beginning and end of the food street as she said with a smug smile, “This entire street is mine!”

“Wow!” Charlie could not help but sigh in admiration as he said, “This boss is so generous!”

Marianne smiled and said, “You have to pay some form of price if you want to keep some people and things.”

After saying that, several street vendors on the side of the road saw Marianne and greeted her respectfully.

“Hello, Miss Marianne!”

“Miss Marianne, you’re here!”

“What would you like to eat tonight, Miss Marianne?”

Marianne greeted them one by one, and she could even refer to everyone by name.

After she was done with the pleasantries, she said to Charlie, “Hong Kong’s economy has been growing rapidly over the past few years, and this kind of place would have been long bought and ready to be redeveloped. At that time, the owner of the street increased the rent several times overnight after
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Trash again.

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