Chapter 4488

Marianne was already completely helpless when dealing with Charlie.

Although she knew that Charlie was very strong, she still had no confidence as to whether Charlie would be able to overpower the Brown family and the Order of the Star.

However, she already had a plan in mind.

If this matter were to really end up being so bad that it could not be ended, she would go and beg her father to step in.

If her father still could not solve the problem, she would go to the police directly, then.

After all, it was Dillion who had led people to follow them for today’s matter, and they were even planning to kill Charlie. What Charlie had done could be regarded as self-defense.

At that time, her father and the police could work together to put pressure on the Brown family and the Order of the Star, and there might be a chance to intervene!

After that, Marianne took Charlie to a very busy wonton noodles stall.

When she saw that the small tables in front of the stall were already full, she
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I stopped reading for six months to catch up in a week and a half…..
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Christopher Ellis
it's been 24 hrs now n still no chapter updates what a load of crock this book is also the ripoff author,wanker!!!

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