Chapter 4489

Having said that, Marianne said with some sadness, “Everything here is the same as it was before aside from the fact that they are old now, I have already grown up, and my mother is no longer here.”

When Charlie saw that Marianne was a little depressed, he pretended to be relaxed as he said in a light-hearted manner, “My parents passed away very early. After they left, I became an orphan, and I lived in an orphanage for ten years. In comparison, your situation is still much better and happier.”

“You’re an orphan?!” Marianne looked at Charlie in surprise with a look of disbelief.

Charlie nodded and said, “I was probably the happiest child in the world before I was eight years old. I fell from the highest to the lowest point in my life overnight. After that, I struggled all the way until today.”

Marianne exclaimed, “You’re so young, but you’re actually holding a key position in Ito-Schulz Ocean Shipping Group... This proves that you still have very strong personal abilities!”

“Is th
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