Chapter 4491

However, Dillion had been out the entire afternoon, and he had not come back even after it had become so late. He could not get through to Dillion’s phone either, so this made him very anxious.

Over the recent years, as Rudy’s business had grown bigger and bigger, he had actually wanted to stay away from the Order of the Star as much as he could. However, Solomon was also a witty and experienced person, and he did not want to be cast aside by Rudy after he was done using him to his own advantage.

Rudy also realized that Solomon was treating him like a cash cow, just like how he used to regard Solomon as his backer to support him, and Solomon was not willing to let go of him no matter what it was.

Therefore, Rudy could only try his best to find a way to stabilize Solomon.

Solomon had recently made a lot of money in the business of smuggling frozen meat. Still, due to the lack of scale, he hoped that Rudy would be able to come forward to register an ocean shipping company for him
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