Chapter 4492

As Charlie and Marianne were almost done eating and starting to cut the cake, a group of subordinates from the Order of the Star had already found Dillion’s Rolls-Royce in the underground parking lot in Tsim Tsa Tsui.

At that time, when Dillion, Wester, and the others were tailing Charlie and Marianne, Dillion had thought that he was being smart by not driving his Rolls-Royce. After all, his Rolls-Royce would be too eye-catching as a target. He was afraid that Charlie would discover them in advance.

However, at this moment, Dillion, who was lying in Marianne’s car trunk, would never have dreamt that Charlie had already noticed them long before they had set off.

When the subordinates from the Order of the Star found Dillion’s Rolls-Royce, they retrieved the surveillance camera footage from the underground parking lot while reporting this matter to Solomon as they planned to look for clues after Dillion had left.

At this time, an anxious Rudy also came to Solomon’s house to await an
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Diana Reese
Hey can y’all update the audio for the latest chapters!! Love listening when I don’t have the time to read.

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