Chapter 4493

After saying that, he said to the two of them, “Mr. Star, Mr. Brown, I’ll take my leave first. I will definitely inform both of you as soon as there is any news!”

Mr. Lanyon turned around and left. When Solomon saw Rudy’s anxious expression, he comforted him and said, “Rudy, you don’t have to worry too much. I believe that no one in Hong Kong would dare to do anything to them.”

Rudy said with a wry expression, “Godfather, to tell you the truth, even if Wester is innocent, I am afraid that there will be other people who are desperate and wants money more than their life who would kidnap Dillion for ransom!”

Solomon waved his hand and said, “Rudy, it does not matter even if Dillion has been kidnapped by people from outside. Mr. Lanyon is a three-star martial artist whom I hired with a lot of money. With him around, if anyone dares to do any harm to Dillion, I will make sure that he will not even be able to die in peace!”

Rudy was surprised and asked, “A three-star martial artist?!
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justin t
omg. let's get on with it!
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I hope you’re not cutting us off. Need to finish the story. Can’t get me started on a story and then nothing.

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