Chapter 4494

Rudy knew that he definitely would have to fork out a large sum of money again this time.

However, his son was missing now, and he still had to count on Solomon’s help. So, he could only ask respectfully, “Godfather, just tell me what kind of help you need from me. I will definitely do my best as long as I can help.”

Solomon nodded in satisfaction and sighed as he said, “Rudy, you really are the best at repaying kindness!”

Having said that, he sighed and said again, “Oh! Lately, there has been a slight improvement in my business of smuggling frozen meat. However, this business is not as easy as I had imagined. This is particularly so because the loss of frozen meat is too great when it first arrived. The anti-smuggling department has been keeping a close eye on this area, and we lost a lot of goods. So, I want you to help me register an ocean shipping company. With your reputation, there must be a lot of room for this ocean shipping company to operate in Oskia, and you can also hel
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