Chapter 4578

“Cough, cough... Miss, did you say that you’re loving one thing on account of another?”

Jarvis looked at Kathleen in surprise as he did not expect Kathleen to say this so lightly.

When Kathleen saw Jarvis’s astonished expression, she smiled and said, “Master Yant, you are also a vigilant martial arts expert. Didn’t you hear what I said when I already said it so clearly?”

Jarvis hurriedly said, “No, no, it’s just that I did not expect you to say these words, miss. I was just a little surprised...”

Kathleen smiled and said seriously, “Master Yant, you don’t need to be so surprised. I’m not the only one who likes Mr. Wade. Did you notice how Miss Long was looking at Mr. Wade with a sorrowful expression in her eyes? The amount of sorrow that a woman has in her eyes when she looks at a man is an expression of how much she loves him.”

Jarvis nodded and smiled as he said, “You’re right...”

Kathleen could not help but sigh as she said, “Oh, Mr. Wade has only been in Hong Kong for just t
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Damn, Helen, who broke YOUR heart?
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Wow here’s someone who talks about Charle being married. Even though Kathleen is being a a skank lusting after a married man

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