Chapter 4579

Janus sighed and said, “My mother is already old, and she is in her eighties. I’m afraid that the situation would not be very optimistic now that she has suffered a stroke at this age.”

Charlie smiled faintly and said, “Don’t worry, there will not be a problem.”

Janus nodded slightly, but he also had a very worried expression.

Porter drove quickly and arrived at Church Hospital very soon.

Janus hurriedly pushed the car door to get out of the car without waiting for the car to stop. After that, he darted all the way to the lobby.

He approached the nurse’s desk to inquire about the relevant information about his mother, and the nurse on duty quickly found the old lady’s department and ward number.

Janus quickly followed the instructions and ran quickly to the ward where his mother was.

When he came to the door, he stopped and knocked gently on the door.

A woman’s voice soon sounded from inside, “Please come in.”

Janus then pushed the door of the ward open. He saw that there wa
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Dameian Wayne
Over explaining once agin. Common sense tells us his family wouldn't know he had been deported. Damn!
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Mike Brothers
I can’t read this

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