Chapter 4580

At this time, the old lady had already lost all ability to perceive, and her breath was also very weak.

Janus and his mother had not seen each other for twenty years, and they were finally reunited now. However, Janus did not expect that his mother would already be dying and that it was difficult for her to even glance at him.

Janus thought of the past twenty years and how he had failed to perform his filial duties in front of his parents. Janus broke down completely as he held his mother’s hand and cried like a child.

His younger siblings were also overcome by his emotions, and they too began crying in front of their mother’s bed.

When Charlie saw this, he deliberately took out a Healing Pill before he stepped forward and handed it to Janus as he said, “Uncle Janus, this pill should be able to cure your mother. You can give it to her now.”

Janus looked at the pill, and he immediately thought of something. So, he subconsciously fumbled in his pocket and took out a small wooden bo
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