Chapter 4586

Charlie’s first reaction was to be surprised when he saw Marianne’s slender figure as she stood not far away.

Immediately afterward, he looked at Kathleen and asked in confusion, “What’s going on here, Miss Fox?”

Before Marianne could reach them, Kathleen smiled slightly and said in a low voice, “I invited Miss Long to come here. Sorry for not telling you about this in advance, Mr. Wade.”

Having said that, Kathleen then added, “I saw that there seemed to be some misunderstanding between you and Miss Long. So, I thought that it would be great if you and Miss Long could have the opportunity to sit down and have a good chat. Otherwise, if we were to go back tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, you would not have such a good opportunity to be able to clear up the misunderstanding with Miss Long face to face.”

Charlie really did not expect that Kathleen would be so meticulous in her observations and would actually be so considerate.

However, although Charlie was surprised, he also felt
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Ty-Gene Mack
Useless chapter. You already described how they felt the last few chapters. This meeting and their feelings could now be described in one sentence a piece.

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