Chapter 4587

Nevertheless, her real intention was to talk to Kathleen about Charlie. On one hand, she wanted to get to know Charlie as a person, and on the other hand, she wanted to seize the opportunity to buffer her own mentality. She was planning to take the initiative to look for Charlie to have a chat with him after she had calmed down.

However, when she suddenly saw that Charlie was there, she suddenly became restrained again, and she did not know how to break the awkward atmosphere with Charlie.

In the end, it was Kathleen, the smart woman, who had to solve the problem.

She did not bother explaining to them the reason for the other party’s appearance here. Instead, she casually smiled and said, “Miss Long and Mr. Wade, both of you should have a good heart-to-heart talk. You both actually chose the same location. You couldn’t have discussed this in advance, right?”

Her sentence not only put aside the fact that she had acted as the middle-man to bring them together, but it also eased th
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Brenda Reed
Why do the auto keep going out
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This writer is just using the readers at this point to make money. This is a never ending story. The readers are not stupid that you have to explain everything it’s started off good starting to SUCK

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