Chapter 4588

Marianne did not know why, but the moment she saw Charlie, all the complaints and blame that she had had in her heart disappeared instantly.

She even felt a little ashamed when Charlie apologized to her.

She felt ashamed because Charlie had come from so far to save Janus, but her father had wanted to take Janus’s life merely because he had wanted to preserve his own image and reputation.

What was right and wrong was clear at a glance here.

Charlie had never liked to owe anyone anything. So, when he saw that they were finally speaking up, he felt a lot more relaxed. He then said to Marianne, “Miss Marianne, since this matter has already passed, let’s just start anew from now on.”

“Okay.” Marianne nodded gently. She then remembered that Charlie had spoken to her father about the food street in the afternoon. So, she asked curiously, “Mr. Wade, why did you suddenly mention the food street to my father in the afternoon? Could it be that he had some other plans related to it?”

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Where’s the audio Waldo?
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BC Lee (BC Chateau)
Any luck? I’ve tried and they denied
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Sigh… why isnt the audio fix yet. It’s been mid Oct 2022 till now for me. What is going on?

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