Chapter 4716

“What?!” Martha only felt extremely shocked at this moment.

She hurriedly asked, “Why did the police arrest them? Did they mention the reason why?”

At this moment, Martha kept praying to God in her heart as she hoped that her husband and two sons would have been taken away by the police because of gambling, prostitution, or something else.

It would not even matter if they were taken away by the police because of murder.

But no matter what it was, it should not be money laundering!

This was because murder would be nothing to fuss about!

It would not matter even if any one of her two sons or husband were sentenced to death or even if all three of them were sentenced to death. After all, there would be a day when they would come out sooner or later.

However, everything would really be over if it was a money laundering crime!

That would mean that all the assets that she had worked hard for over so many years would be seized in accordance with the law!

More than half of her life’
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