Chapter 4718

Although the Oskian ancestors had long admonished that money would come and go, in truth, many people still valued money more than life.

For a heinous person like Martha, she had long put matters of her life and death aside, and the most important thing for her was to make more money so that her family could continue flourishing.

If her descendants could become rich heirs in the future and continue being prosperous, that would be her ultimate life goal.

Her ultimate life goal was not focused on any single descendant, but it was to enable her entire family to have a complete change of fate.

To put it bluntly, she was willing to sacrifice herself to make several generations of her descendants happy.

Therefore, she would never hesitate if she were to be killed at this moment as long as her family would not be affected in any way.

But now, this matter had developed in the direction that she least wanted.

It was the fact that this foundation that she had worked so hard for was fall
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Dameian Wayne
I really don't care about any of this. Unless it gives Charlie a lead on the dead soldiers.
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Helen Judith Cue
More chapters please.

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