Chapter 4719

This was also the case for Jalen.

Although he was also working alone in the United States to earn money and his wife, children, and grandchildren were all relying on his support in Oskia, his family was not considered rich in Oskia yet.

Over the years, the cash that he had given to his family time after time was estimated to be around ten million Oskian dollars.

In his opinion, this amount of money was enough for his family to live, but it was not as obvious and ostentatious as Martha’s. So, his family should be very safe even though Martha’s family members had been arrested.

As Jalen thought of this, he felt even smugger and could not help but secretly think to himself, ‘Martha, oh, Martha, I never expected that you would also end up in this state one day! You usually scold me every day as if you’re some big shot with extreme power, so why don’t you have the same bullish energy that you had before now? I did not mind your age and wanted to be a temporary couple with you so that
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