Chapter 4722


Jose was stunned when he heard this.

Immediately after that, he had an incredulous look on his face as he asked, “Martha, do you mean that Elaine was the one who pinpointed us?! She... She does not know of our true identities!”

Martha responded with a serious expression, “I think that the fact that our family met with this situation is inseparable from Elaine’s arrest, so it might be because of her. However, if you want me to come up with substantial evidence, I cannot come up with it either.”

Kyler, who was aside, hurriedly said, “Aunt Martha, I think that Elaine is just an old and pathetic loser. She was fooled so easily, so she cannot possibly have any great abilities.”

Heather also chimed in and said, “That’s right, Aunt Martha! Elaine doesn’t look like someone with any real abilities.”

Martha said coldly, “Do you still remember her son-in-law?”

“Yes, I remember.” Kyler said, “Isn’t it that kid named Charlie Wade or something?”

“Yes, that’s him!” Martha nodded he
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Helen Judith Cue
Please more chapters
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Helen Judith Cue
Please more chapters.

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