Chapter 147: The Desire For Freedom

No fight actually took place. That was what Ley had heard from the Tree Deity. However, it was already said earlier. The person could forcefully teleport somebody over to another dimension or realm without leaving a trace that even he, Ley, the Road Deity, could peer into. This revealed that the abductor was of higher power level than him. Baram too said that he did not really dare to get close to the place as the man's aura was simply really intimidating. Oh, not really intimidating. But aloof, yet majestic. It reminded him of the lions that sometimes crossed his territory. The loftiness that was exuded by the man was intense, it could make others subconsciously bow to him. 

'What kind of being is that?'

Ley could not help but wonder this after hearing all the flashy descriptions. 

His thoughts, that time, were very obvious. 

But to be fair, Baram himself could not believe that he felt like that towards a fellow Anito. 

After t

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