Chapter 148: Longing For Home

While the two immediately set off for another country, they had no idea that the very reason that they were doing so was not really in danger, unlike what they had been assuming all this time. 

Fernando was just really teleported to another place so that a proper conversation could take place between them without interruption. He was in good condition and was even invited to the best and grandest place in the Underworld, the Palace of Soul owned by none other than His Highness Sitan himself. 

As for the reason why? Who knows. 

The old man did not ask. After discovering the identity of the other, he became very silent, and careful with his words. Or rather, he would not dare ask the man his real purpose for doing this since like Ley to the presence of the angel, Fernando immediately became cautious and conscious of his own status as he had learned that the person was not merely a strong anito, but an actual Underworld god. 

'What are th

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