Chapter 149: Their First Meeting

"Home, huh?" The werehorse anito servicing under the Chief Deity of the Underworld, Sitan, was a bit absentminded as he recalled the conversation he just had with the human anito brought to the palace by his god. A few hours already passed since then. The werehorse anito had also just finished his duties and made sure that the entire palace was spotlessly clean and organize.

The person he just spoke to was just a weak old human who possessed the Gift to command animals which was not really impressive as there were a few already who had the same ability, not to mention, those who hailed from the animal species had better control of those they could command. 

Nothing was interesting about the old human anito. Although he was silent about it, as he was one who was loyal to the Chief Deity and was extremely conscious not to question the deity's words, in his heart, he was actually wondering why His Highness became interested in Fernando to the point that he personally

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