Chapter 150: The Request

Time passed. In the mortal realm, a week had already gone by. 

Ley and Baram who had come to the western side of the globe to meet the Goddess was met with utmost care in their reception there. Ley had a hunch that the Goddess predicted that he would come here, either to give thanks or ask for Fernando's location so She left a message to the ones in the Blood Lake Castle to welcome them in. 

However, like Fernando who was made to wait for the Underworld god, they too, were made to wait for the return of the Goddess as she had long left before they arrived and the servants left there had no idea when she would drop by. These all brought endless frustrations to Ley. Yet he was not one with a close mind. He knew that the affairs of somebody high up like Hanan was not something that normal deities like him could imagine. Not to mention that Baram and the others in the castle already explained how serious of a matter an attempted Devil Sacrifice was. 

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