Chapter 151: Condition

"Welcome back, Your Highness." Loud and clear, the voices of everyone else in the place echoed at the same time.

"We're most gladdened to be in Your Highness' presence again." They chorused.

Ley slowly lifted his gaze up and saw that the person they greeted matched the appearance that was in his memories. 

A body of a girl in her late teens. Black hair that reached past her waist. Lean figure that was almost as skinny as some models in regular fashion shows. A face that was certainly above average, but not that excessive as to make one feel that she was the most beautiful in the world. 

Hana's figure appeared right above the statue depicting the Goddess of the Sun, a statue of a beautiful woman in a flowing dress crowned with a tiara shaped like the rays of the sun. The statue was massive and was in a giving pose, with her hands stretched outwards like it was offering the sun to the world. Hana appeared in those stretched out palms. 

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