Chapter 152: A Visiting Knight

The Goddess actually had no use for the weak anito called Ley. Yet at the same time, she was not one to back out from her words. Although she sometimes do not play by Heaven's rule, she was one to demand equivalent exchange when needed. In other words, she was one who always upheld fairness. 

Her vow from almost a year ago was only to protect and provide guidance for Ley, the unknowing human whose fate had been severed completely from the Underworld due to her bet with Mayari. The young human forever lost the chance to reincarnate so as compensation, she used one of her quotas in ascending a being to godhood as compensation. She did the same to the old man who had been dragged to the mess. Of course, another questionable karma that she gained for doing these was causing Ley and Fernando to be rejected by the natural Laws since they did not become anitos through their own efforts. As another compensation, She decided to leave one of her mortal vessels there to act as thei

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