Chapter 13: Compensation


Skyworld. In a brightly lit palace on one of the highest mountain peaks of the Great West Empire. 

A woman whose head was adorned with an exaggeratedly decorated crown gazed at the person who requested an audience with her. 

"Your Highness," greeted the man whose features resembled an elf. In the Skyworld, people like him were called Forest Fairies. He had a natural good-looking face and tall built, his ears long and pointed.  

The visit of this forest fairy happened a day after the battle between Mayari of the Skyworld and Anda of the Underworld.

"You came to remind me of your goddess' condition?" The beautiful, ethereal-looking woman seated on the throne had an intelligent pair of eyes that could glimpse into a person's intention before they could even voice out. 

Watching the slight shock on the visitor's face, she indifferently said, "Just a reminder. I've already won the bet so the Authority of Light is now mine.

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