Chapter 15: Anito


Several minutes later, Hana returned and stood in front of him with her hands behind her back.

"Grandpa Fernando is right next door. And I have many more things to explain to the two of you. Since he had also woken up and it would be more convenient if you two are in the same space when I explained, can you please come with me to his quarters?"

Leyte nodded his head gently and said, "No objections here. I had many questions in my mind that need to be clarified.”

He first drank the glass of water to quench his thirst. Then he finally agreed to her request and let Hana support him as they walked next door.

During the short but laborious walk, he tried to ask some stuff, “Earlier, you mentioned Earth. I just would like to know, you mean our Earth, right?"

“Yes.” She nodded and glanced at him. “It’s the one we are more used to.”

“I see,” he said.

‘So from spirits briefly staying in the Underworld, we got upgraded to Earth’s wandering ghost.’

He went quiet for a moment as he contempla
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