Chapter 16: A Higher Being


To be honest, while he seemed like he believed everything Hana said, the opposite was actually true.

Not knowing that his intellectual abilities improved greatly, he subconsciously noted the several dubious points that he picked up from Hana's words.

There was the unanswered question, why turned them into whatever Anitos? Why not humans?

The other souls were escorted into Great Underworld Chief Deity Sitan’s dwelling place. Why were the three of them turned away?

The matter about the internet and the language of the human villagers which she said they would have no problem understanding could be excused somewhat. It was not as important.

But Hanan?

The suspicion only turned stronger when he heard the name. The girl was correct. In the records, ‘Hanan’ was the Goddess of the Sun, eldest daughter of the Great Creator Bathala, said to be one of the most powerful second-generation gods.

Ley who had even known about the nearly lost knowledge of the local ancient Underworld rituals co
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