Chapter 18: Leaving The Island


When the three returned to the mansion, dinner was already served on the table. The two men who were not used to the insane efficiency of the servants that bordered an ESP exchanged glances. 

"The food smells good." Old man Fernando could only say to diffuse the awkward silence.

The two others nodded. Anyway, the dishes indeed looked and smelled appetizing, if they would focus on it and not mind the number of people surrounding them, that was. 

When they sat at the long table, Ley could not help but peek at Hana. He could not help but wonder if, for the past sixth months, she ate by herself watched by more than five pairs of eyes. When he imagined himself taking her place, the resulting scene made him never want to consider the idea again.

"Please enjoy." He heard the old man's butler spoke. 

Like she had rehearsed it a thousand times, Hana elegantly picked up her utensils and filled up her plate with the dishes she wanted

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