Chapter 19: The Cursed Book (1)


-Inside a luxury cafe, Eastwood City, QC, Metro Manila- 

Aurora 'Aura' Miller had always been a failure of a writer. She would have long starved if her late parents did not leave her a few rental units as an inheritance.

Her editor friend, Lucy Roces, was aware of it and this was the reason why even though their friendship was quite deep, the other party never brought up publishing Aura's book through their publishing house. 

Now the two met since the female author offered to treat the other as a celebration for her new work. 

"I say, Lucy, I'm pretty sure I'm almost there. My book is already half-way done, and I only need another burst of inspiration to finish it. I can feel that this new one will become a colossal hit, so I'm treating you in advance." Her eyes brimming with excitement, the author said passionately before taking a sip from the cup of coffee in her hands.

"Are you still working on that same horror story? T

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