Chapter 20: The Cursed Book (2)


"Let's not talk about her." Nathan once again opened the small gate and allowed Lucy, his editor, to enter. "What brought you here?"

Lucy smiled and raised the fried chicken and veggies that she bought. "Let's celebrate. Your stories sold so well and my cheap boss gave me a raise plus a delightful bonus."

The man also smiled and unceremoniously snatched the food from her hand. Nathan invited her in - for the very first time. Before, she could only see the guy from the gate. 

Once inside the house, Lucy roamed her eyes again and couldn't help but feel like the house really has a rather heavy atmosphere. From the outside, it could already be sensed. The feeling only grew stronger when she entered. She took a seat, shrugged, and mused, 'Probably the fault of the gloomy ghostwriter.'

From the kitchen, the man brought out dishes onto the table and prepared the plates and utensils for both of them.

Watching him, she spoke up.


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