"Hey, Owen, I need this weekend off."

It's Rachel asking for time off, again. I roll my eyes. "Why do you need time off?"

"Because it has been a rough few days, and I think I deserve it. Don't you think so, daddy?" She looks at me through her lashes and gives me the dumbest pouty face. I shake my head. "Fine, I want to hang out with my roommate. We are going to go visit her twins grave."

"You want me to let you off work so you can go with your roommate to visit a grave?"

"Owen, it's three hours away."

"You're a wolf. Just run. It won't take you any time."

"She's human.” Rachel makes a pleading face, “Come on. I won't ask again for the rest of the month."

"It's almost the end of the month, Rachel."

"Please, Owen… I’ll take back half the mean things I say about you." She gives me a silly smile. I know she is joking.

With a sigh, I say, "fine." Rachel hugs me and runs out of my office to start her shift

"Why didn't you say yes the first time she asked? She would have gone away quicke
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RandomMe Caught
hello ... ... ... ...
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I was a bit confused. I thought originally you said Sam was her brother but now Sam is her sister... kinda lost me there.
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Bella Jersey
Can’t believe the mom is the selfish or that dumb

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