Is this a date?

Owen asks, "Have you eaten dinner?"

"No, I was too nervous to eat. The last thing I wanted to do was eat then get sick in front of you." Ugh, what is wrong with me? Why did I say that?

"Do you think you could eat now?"

"That depends. Are you hungry too?" He gives me a nod and smiles. "Then, yes, I could eat."

"What time is it?" He glances at the clock. "Ten, there is this amazing Italian place down the road. Do you like Italian food?" I give him a nod. "Great, grab your shirt and shoes, and wellhead out."

When we are both ready, he takes my hand. The second our skin touches, I want more. Tingles shoot from my hand to the rest of my body. "Drive or walk?"

"What?" I am so focused on the tingling sensation I can barely hear what he says.

"We can drive if you don't want to walk. It will be about a ten-minute drive or a fifteen-minute walk."

"It's a nice night, let's walk." I don't want to tell him that I want to walk so we can keep holding hands. We walk in comfortable silence. He holds
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Deniece Smith
I really love this book
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Deniece Smith
don't bother, I've already looked
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Rose SB
Umm GoodNovel, how many pages in following chapters since the next one is 45 coins. Going to see if I can find on other apps for free.

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