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It's a quarter until six. Mel will be here soon. I feel anxious, pacing back and forth in my office. I try and calm my nerves.

‘Relax, she is made for us. She needs us just as much as we need her.’ My wolf seems calm.

"Yeah, I know. It's just I don't want to frighten Mel, but I want to take care of her."

‘She's here. I smell her.’

"Why is she just standing in front of the door?" I go to my desk and pull out some papers, trying to look busy. Still, she doesn't seem to move.

‘Go to the door.’

I debate on if I should answer or not. After about a minute, I rush to the door. Once I have a chance to catch my breath, I open the door. She is standing there looking like she is just about to knock.

"Please come in.”

I sit on a chair across from the couch. I can't keep my eyes off, Melony. She is wearing an oversize grey graphic t-shirt, black leggings, and pink sneakers—her hair in a bun, and she has a little make-up on her eyes.

‘Our mate is so naturally beautiful.’

She truly is beautiful.
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Rebecca Jeane
I’ve been sucked in fast on this book! I also actually enjoy the different points of view because it’s not just a repeat chapter. Great job so far!
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Bella Jersey
Poor Owen was so confused and so was Mel. I think he forgets she doesn’t understand what she’s feel and why. Then he forgets the lifestyle is completely new and not having many to no partners. He didn’t even asked what she enjoyed previously or anything at all. He should be a smarter Dom
goodnovel comment avatar
Bella Jersey
I’m sorry paying for the first half of chapter. Which is basically a repeat in different POV. It’s not right please think of fans and readers when you do this. I’ll spend the coins that’s not the problem

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