Chapter 213: Amateur Assassin


I immediately turned around and quickly climbed to the second floor before the man that Zuck was talking to could see me. When I entered Zuck's room, I immediately picked up my polaroid, I couldn't help but grin while trying to test if the polaroid was still working fine since I hadn't used it for a few days.

I put the polaroid on the bed and went to the cabinet, I took my cap and sunglasses so that the man that Zuck was talking to wouldn't recognize me.

"Let's fucking do this, Ashton," I whispered to myself and pulled out a large bag containing the rifle and some combat tools such as various kinds of daggers. I also took my Dior pouch where my gun was inside and slung it over my shoulder.

"Time to get my sweet revenge." I smiled to myself and confidently came out of the room holding the large bag and my polaroid, I couldn't help but feel excited because I feel like I am a pro assassin with a mission to do today.

When I was on the stair

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