Chapter 02: I'm not Rex


I don’t know if I should be happy or not. Many replied to my tweet earlier and I don’t know which of them I will be replying. The sky is a bit misty as if it will rain for a while. I immediately looked for shelter, when I saw a waiting shed ahead I hurriedly ran towards it. As I sat down on a cold hard ground I turned my attention back to the alter accounts of the following person who replied to my tweets. Even though I need a short-term accommodation, of course, I also have to be choosy and choose the one that passes my standard. I promised myself that after tonight, I will look for a job afterward, all I have to worry about is my studies, I will be going back to school in the next two months and I do not know where I will be getting the money for enrollment, I'm not even sure if I can find a job at my age. Fuck! Where will I go after tonight?

My attention returned to the cellphone I was holding when it buzzed again. Someone sent me a private message.

From @rexwood

'Hey, dude! I have a place. Beep me back if you're interested. I saw your bio and it says that you're a bottom and likes kinky thing. I can be your Dom for tonight. * wink * '

I immediately view the account of the person who sent a private message and goes straight to the media section to see its photos, I scroll through the media and smirk when I saw the first photo, a man in a shower room wearing a very tight black Calvin Klein boxer. Even though his face is blurred, you can see in the shape of his body that he is handsome. His six-pack abs make me want to worship his body, his nipples are pinkish, I find it attractive. I scrolled down again to see more of his photos until I saw his completely nude picture. I was shocked to see his dick standing between his legs. It’s huge and the girth of his dick is massive, it looks like he’s about eleven or twelve inches, the head of his dick is also pinkish which I find arousing. Just by looking at his photos, I feel like he’s compelling me to beg him to fuck me.

Without hesitation, I immediately messaged rexwood's account.

To @rexwood

'Hey, dude! I will send you my location, pick me up. '

While waiting for the response, I scrolled down to see more of his photos, I guess he loves cars based on his posts so I think he should be able to pick me up here, that is if he’s interested in me. I don’t want to risk paying for a fare to go to his place and end up being catfish, I need to save my money as much as I can.

A few moments later I received another message from rexwood, the message contains of him cursing and saying that he can’t wait to dominate me, I just laughed while reading his message. It turns out that the company he works for is just near my place and he said he will going to fetch me in a few minutes. Tsk, let's see if this Rex doesn't bail on me, I hope not because I need a shelter for tonight.

While waiting, I just turned my attention to scrolling down to my alter account. Even though I am still relatively new to the alter world, it is undeniable that I am used to the trends and how the alter community works. People on alter community have different trips, sometimes they want to face fuck you and order you to swallow their cum they have saved for a few weeks, you can do nothing but suck it and just think that you are drinking your favorite juice. Sometimes they will make you as their subject for their weird fetishes.

I was so focused on looking at the penises posted on my alter account that I didn’t notice that someone is approaching me, I almost jumped in shock and accidentally drop my phone out of panic, fortunately, the man who walked towards me caught my phone, thank goodness. I swear I will cry if something happened to my phone, I don’t know what will I do if it ever gets broken. As soon as I recovered from the panic, I frowned as I confronted the man and grabbed my cellphone from his hands.

"You must be Ashton." He said with a rough voice looking at me from up to down, I was suddenly embarrassed when he looked at me from head to toe as if he was stripping me off of my clothes.

"You’re Rex?" I ask. He smirked but did not answer. I suddenly became nervous when I got a look at his appearance. He was so tall that I think my head is at the level of his shoulder. He is wearing a semi-formal suit, I gulped the moment my eyes lay on his tight pants where a huge bulge is evident.

"Take your things Ash and follow me." I was shocked when he called me by my nickname. The way he said my name is so masculine and arousing at the same time. Fuck! Why am I feeling so hot suddenly? It seems like this guy is in his late twenties and I never had sex with mature lads, all the men I had before are at the same age. He’s intimidating me, I can’t help but ask myself if he’s wilder than the teenagers I met? Can I handle him?

"Hey, I said pick up your things and follow me." He firmly said, with a voice full of authority so I put on my backpack and followed him. He opened the door for me and I immediately entered his nice car after saying my thanks. I let out a sigh before turning my gaze out the window.

"Um, where are we going Rex?" I ask nicely. He slightly smiled and looked at me.

"Stop calling me Rex, I'm not Rex." My brows furrowed at his response as he immediately started driving the car leaving my mouth half-open. What the fuck? He's not Rex? Then who is this man I just come with?

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the scene is so relatable.

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