Chapter 03: Penthouse


"What the fuck! Stop the car." Ashton shouted as he slapped me on the shoulder, fortunately, there were not many cars passing by otherwise we might have been injured by now. I can’t help but smile at his behavior. What a destiny. Ashton is the same guy I saw on my alter account looking for a place to stay for the night. It was not really in my plan to meet him, but then Rex was calling me asking for a favor if I could fetch the man he’s about to meet because unfortunately there was an emergency that occurred in his company. So here I am saving his ass but never have I thought that the man he’s asking me to fetch is the same man I saw on twitter.

"Stop it Ashton." I said as I stepped on the car brake. As soon as the car stop Ashton then pull the knob of the door to open but to no avail, I just smirk knowing that it was locked. He looked at me frustrated and ready to be hysterical but I just smirk at him, I don't know why I was happy to see him panicking.

"W-who are you? You don't look like a kidnapper, maybe you are a leader of the Russian mafia no? What are you going to do to me? Please let me go, I am only 17 and I still have many dreams in life." I almost died at his plea, I couldn't stop myself and I burst out laughing.

"W-what are you laughing at? Let me go." He said and punched me in the shoulder again. When he’s about to punch me again I held his hand firmly.

"Calm down Ashton. Okay, I'm Zie Mendez. My cousin Rex asked a favor well more of ordered me to pick you up because there was an emergency in his company, he didn't want to disappoint you so here I am fetching you." I explained to him. He calmed down after hearing my explanation.

"You don't have to fetch me, please tell Rex thanks for his offer, open the door so I can get out now." He said in a monotone, showing no emotion in his face. Oh come on, and now he's mad at me?

"I know you need a place Ash." I calmly said to him. He sighed as if he suddenly realized that what I said was true. Looking at him now, with his backpack full of his belongings, I think he ran away from his home. But why would someone run away from home? Whatever his reason is, I will find out soon.

He looks defeated at this moment. I turned the car on again and turned on the radio to fill the silence between us.

"Follow me," I said to Ashton after I parked the car, he just nods at me and silently following me. I took the backpack that Ashton was carrying and tucked it in my back, at first he tried to take his bag from me but with  I just smile at him and his hands lose its grip to the bag, he did not insist on taking back the bag anymore.

I took the key out of my pocket and immediately opened the door of my penthouse. When we were inside I gave Ashton his bag and told him the room where he would sleep. He immediately went to the bedroom.

I went straight to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator, I don’t know what food Ashton wanted so I decided to just cook a lot and let him chose what to eat.

I had been cooking for almost an hour, I was about to go to the room to ask Ashton to join me for dinner when we stumble on the door, I gulp when I see him only wearing a white shirt and loose boxer shorts. Fucking hormones! I can’t help but fantasize myself with Ashton above me riding my junk. I shouldn’t be thinking about this thing, he’s not mine to fuck, but maybe I can ask Rex if I can have him.

"Um, what are you cooking? The scent makes me hungry." He asks in a shy tone. I snap out from my horrible imaginations of me and him doing nasty things.

"Ah, wait a minute, I'm done, just a few minutes and you can taste me, I mean the food." I teased and turned away from him to go check the foods.

"Can I help you?"

"You can help set the plate at the table, it would be a great help," I answered which he gladly obliged.

I saw Ashton through peripheral vision holding the plate and spoon. I couldn’t help but smile as I stared at him. When everything was set and ready, Ashton offered to pray and I just nod because I’m not the kind of guy who prays before eating. It makes me happy when he praises the dishes I prepared.

"Um, may I ask you a question?" Ash asked.

"Go ahead."

"What should I call you?" I smiled at what he asked.

"Zie." I answered and he just nodded.

"Okay, how old are you Zie?" I couldn’t help but laugh at the tone of his voice. He looks like a young wannabe detective.

"Turning 30 this coming October." I honestly answered.

"Really? I thought you were in your late twenties, like 27 or maybe 28." He said surprised, I just raise a brow at his comment.

"Well, I'll take that as a compliment," I said and can no longer hold my smile.

He kept asking me questions about things like where I studied, what program I took in college, and what job I have right now. I find it entertaining, so I answer his questions with enthusiasm. As time went on we seemed to become more comfortable with each other.

After we ate, he offered to wash our dishes which I strongly declined but he is so persistent so I let him wash the dishes with me on his side helping him. Afterward, I went straight to the bedroom while Ashton is so giddy looking at my collections of CD’s and Vinyl’s as I told him that all my CD’s were the latest releases of some famous movies.

As I enter the calmed ambiance of my bedroom, I took off my clothes and wrapped the white towel around my waist, and went into the bathroom. I quickly soaked into the bathtub and lean my head over the edge. When I went out of the bathroom, I saw Ashton sat on my bed and held the CD he had chosen to watch. I could see the lust in his eye when he saw my almost naked body. So I thought of a mischievous idea, I turned my back on Ashton and took off the towel I was wearing giving Ashton a better view of my butt cheeks, I can't help but smirk when I heard him gulping. I slowly slide on my boxer briefs and follow Ashton on the bed.

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Hira Baig
going great. I really like zie, TBH ......... he sounds generous.

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