Being framed

The driver arrived faster than expected and had brought along with him a new suit for the prince . Sky was ready to leave towards the gym where he could change in peace . Even though it was a law university it still had a big and spacious gym with newly bought gadgets that helped the students learn self-defense. The moment he opened the door of the gym he heard a voice calling him . When he turned his head , he saw Emily and Iris who were staring at him with a dumbfounded look . They couldn't believe their eyes and on the other hand, Sky touched his head with annoyance . 

'Who listens to them, now ? 'thought Sky to himself and his thought became true . Emily started to bombard him with questions while Iris was repeating them twice. Sky's glance filled with anger made them shut up in an instant  . He was already annoyed by Kiara and now even Emily and Iris. He shut the door of the gym leaving them out to wait for him till he got changed .

"I'm seriously feed u

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I’m so excited I’m like a little up and down

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