Chapter 573 - Don't compare...!!!

There were sayings: a man would never be able to fight a crocodile from the water; the Irish and Astor families had the same thought.

"Mr. Allen, long time no see." Nate suddenly heard a sound; when he turned, he saw a young man standing behind him, both hands were in his pocket and smiling at him gracefully.

For a second, Nate felt he was looking at the child who grew up before his eyes, but when he remembered who this man was and what he did.

Blood boiled in his veins, but when he remembered David's warning, he cooled down.

"And you're?" Nate Allen gave his best; he didn't let a single expression out of place and looked at Oscar with a gentle smile.

When Oscar felt Nate didn't recognize him, he sighed in relief because he didn't want Nate Allen to find out about him yet.

"This is my grandson, Oscar Astor; good to see you, Nate." Old master Astor walked to Nate and stood beside Oscar.

The older man held a grudge against Nate Allen; he never wanted to go against the Allen family
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Pauline Edward
573 and 574 have same contents...both the chapters are same

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