Chapter 574 - Imposter...!!!

"Daughter, what are you doing here? Who brought you here? Don't you know our family is going crazy after you were kidnapped?

Tell dad who kidnapped you; I'll rip apart his head." Nate said those words from his heart, but it was for his daughter; he was furious.

"Dad, no one brought me here. No one kidnapped me. I left my own. Dad, I love him, but see he is marrying another woman; dad, please help me, stop this wedding; I can't live without him." The woman cried in pain.

Nate looked at fake Grace with a cold expression. "Grace, do you know what you are saying? How could you say this? Are you alright?

Tell dad, did he do anything to you, don't tell me he kidnapped you?" Suddenly, Nate raised his cold eyes and looked at Oscar.

Oscar sneered; he expected this from this man.

"Uncle, are you kidding me? Why would I do anything for her? I did not; I found her a few days ago; how can you blame me without knowing the truth?"

Oscar tried to put on the act of a gentleman.

"So?" Nate ask
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Estrella Nival
next chapter pls..
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Norma Sutherland -Appiah
Author I'm still waiting it's 3 days now I'm checking everyday to see what happened
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More chapters please

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